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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions.

How much does it cost?

I offer two different entertainment packages for children’s b-day parties. For complete details, including pricing, simply fill out this quick and easy form

How much space do you need?
Not much at all. For my equipment and props I need about a 5 ‘ by 5 ‘ area. Usually, your living room is a perfect place for this. Other than that, an area right in front of my performing area for the children to sit and enjoy the show is all that is needed.

Do you need a table?
No, I bring my own case that folds up into a table.
Can you perform the show outdoors?
Yes I can providing the weather is decent. If the wind is blowing, that can be too much as some of my props are very light and will blow away. It’s always safer to have it indoors plus there will be less distractions.
Can we serve the kids food, snacks, and beverages during your show?
Well, it’s your home so you can do whatever you’d like… however, I do recommend serving treats & drinks before or after the show. It’s a HUGE distraction for the kids. Not only eating the snack but then the serving of it and cleaning up that takes place. At this age, they need the least amount of distractions as possible. So I HIGHLY recommend NOT serving goodies during the performance (also because it’s a show based on audience interaction and participation… I need their hands to be free…besides, it could turn messy).
When should I serve food and cake?
The best time to serve food and cake, is after the magic show. Especially if cake is served before the magic show, it can make it more difficult for kids to stay focused on the magic show.
Do you require a deposit?
No, you don’t pay until the day of your child’s party. I accept cash, checks, PayPal, and all major credit cards. 
Is the show clean and age appropriate?
Yes! I take pride in that my show is specifically geared towards children ages 4-8. Most magicians don’t have an age specific show. I specialize in entertaining children with clean and fun magic.
When’s a good time to have you begin your show?
A good general rule of thumb is to have my show begin about a half hour after the party is to begin. This prevents distractions from late arriving guests. Depending on which package you go with, the show lasts anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes.
I’m celebrating more than one child’s birthday, can you still entertain at our party?
Yes! I then have all of the b-day children be the stars of the show. Everything else is the same except we have a few more lucky participants!
*Important: Can we hire you to entertain our children in one room while all of the adults hang out in another room?
Due to liability issues, I do require that all of the children be supervised at all times by at least one responsible adult (besides me). I simply can’t be held responsible for supervising them. This is to protect you, the children and myself.
Can we invite young infants and babies to the party?
Since it’s your party, you may do whatever you’d like. However, I do recommend NOT having children under the age of 3 present, only because they often are a distraction to the children and adults who are trying to enjoy the magic show. Same thing goes with your pets. Please keep your pets in a separate area (sorry Tinker Bell).
Can we give the goodie bags to children under the age of 3?
I can’t control what happens after I leave the party but please don’t give the goodie bags to children under the age of the 3. There are small parts in there and I’d rather be safe than sorry. Also, please read above question.
Honestly - Is This Just Another Cheesy Magic Show?
Absolutely not! I perform for children much like the way I perform for adults, offering an incredible magical experience that is engaging, interactive, and fun. You can guarantee that I design my birthday magic to fool and entertain everyone in the room!
Is There Audience Participation?

Three-fourths of the effects I perform involve helpers from the audience. You can be sure that if your child is the birthday boy/girl, he or she will be the star!

How Far Will You Travel?

Every week I am primarily featured in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and am gracious to have become known as the premier family entertainer in the TriState area. However, I have been booked in over 100 cities across 10 countries as a magician’s magician as well as for my feature adult presentations.

When Should We Start The Show?

I recommend starting the show 30 minutes after the party begins. This will give the latecomers time to arrive.

What Do You Wear When You Are Performing?

Please do not expect a clown. I dress classy and cool.

What If I Need A Last Minute Entertainer?

I invite last-minute calls, even on the day of performance (sometimes other entertainers get sick, etc.) If I am available, I can help!

Do You Work With Live Animals?

A life on the road with a magician is hard for an animal. Sometimes I have two to three shows a day, and I choose not to put a pet though that. After stories of kids being allergic, getting scratched, and pets creating messes, I recommend that parents choose an entertainer without live animals for celebrations in the home and catering halls.

Is There A Limit To The Number Of Children?

The price given is for less than 15 children. I can perform for any number, but price is subject to change for larger parties. I also have top of the line sound equipment for your larger events.

Do I Need To Provide You With Anything The Day Of The Show?

The show is completely self-contained. If I ask for anything, it will be for either a chair or a small table (T.V. tray) for certain routines. Of course, this would be discussed before arrival!

Any Other Tips?

Most birthday parties are held in between 1:00 and 4:30 on the weekends. The bonus of using this timeframe is you will not have to serve everyone lunch or dinner. If you do serve food, pizza is generally the best solution. Not only is it easy, but even the picky eaters will eat a slice of cheese!

Ivan Stratienco GUARANTEES to entertain, impress and astound your party guests or you get a show FREE OF CHARGE

*This guarantee is valid as long as there are no distractions keeping the audience from focusing completely on the show. Distractions include but are not limited to: music being played, loud or talkative guests (we recommend a separate room for the show), drunk or rowdy guests, food being served, a neighbors lawn mower, pets, etc. during a performance or any other distractions beyond the control of Ivan Stratienco.