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Ivan Michael: Tri-State
Entertainer For Hire

Amazing Long Island Sleight of Hand Expert Ivan Michael will astonish the guests at your next in-person or virtual event.


If these companies can trust New York entertainer Ivan Michael to make their events amazing, so can you! 

Ivan is Available for hire for In-Person Private Events & Virtual Events

  • Special event
  • Corporate Events
  • Virtual Events
  • Client Appreciation
  • Private Parties
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries

Watch this Video!

“Ivan absolutely blew everyone away. I can not recommend him enough. He will make a great addition to any night.”

Gianna Bottone

Event Planner, Events by Gianna Bottone

“Just wanted to thank Ivan again! He made our holiday party amazing!  He is very talented and I hope to see him performing in Vegas in the not-too-distant future!  Everyone had an amazing time and they are still talking about the sleight of hand!”


Firm Administrator, SHEARER PC

“Amazing Ivan’s Show is great!​”

-Uma Thurman
New York, NY

“Ivan’s magic is ​crazy​!​”

-Lady Gaga
New York, NY

“His sleight of hand is so fast! ​”

-“Tank” Davis
WBA Champion

Who is Ivan Michael?

Award winning sleight of hand artist Ivan Michael performs at over 100 special events every year. Enjoyment of an attendees time is Ivan’s #1 focus!

He customizes entertainment using client’s messages to bring humor, fun and motivation to in-person events & virtual events.

Ivan Michael garnered these skills from performing at over 1,000 events since 2003 doing mingling shows, full evening acts and virtual entertainment.

Lady Gaga said “Ivan’s skills are ​crazy​!”, while Uma Thurman said “Ivan’s Show is great!​”. And when Ivan broke the Guinness World Record for the Most 1 Handed Playing Card Cuts in 1 Minute, Guinness World Records named Ivan “Officially Amazing!”

Ivan differs from other performers in the – He is A True Entertainer! Blending sleight of hand with comedy, mind reading tricks, music, and audience interaction, Ivan provides today’s audiences with an unforgettable show experience.


Three Different Entertainment Options to Make Your Event Amazing

Mingling Entertainment

In the Mingling option everyone gets to witness an amazing sleight of hand stunt up-close & personal. Fantastic tricks creating a brilliant atmosphere which your guests will love. These amazing tricks including Ivan’s Guinness World Record Breaking sleight of hand and impossible mind reading, will leave your guests begging for more.

As a specialist entertainer Ivan is known for his speed and dexterity allowing him to produce more great reactions from more of your guests, faster.

Mind & Manipulation Show


The show is filled with amazing mind reading & sleight of hand stunts your guests will remember forever. Your group will see Ivan attempt the world’s most difficult 1 handed playing card shuffles, cuts and fans which are truly impossible not to watch. And it’s a very eerie & fun experience when Ivan mysteriously reveals peoples secret thoughts! At the end of the show we will make someone INSTANTLY BECOME A SLEIGHT OF HAND MASTER! You have to see it to believe it. The audience screams in shock then applauds in delight when they see this. Ivan Michael’s Mind & Manipulation show is a lot of fun and perfect for special events like adult birthdays & more!

Virtual Entertainment


It’s a live online experience that happens on your screen, wherever you are. Each show is unique, interactive and lots of fun! We may all be physically separated from one one another these days, but we can still all come together online and enjoy an experience that is truly amazing, full of laughter and virtually incredible!

Here’s What Past Clients Say

Had a blast with Ivan at our party!!  Amazing, perplexing tricks…leaves you wanting more.

Thanks Ivan for the memories you helped create…

Donna Reinheimer

Glenn Cove, NY

“Thank you Ivan! You were wonderful!!”
Jessica Katen

Fire Island, NY

Hats off to Ivan for leading an unforgettable party experience for our family, and our lucky friends who were there too!

Rebecca Anderson Wotman

Great Neck, NY

I can’t begin to tell you how awesome this was, okay? I’ve never seen anything like him before. Money well spent.
Anthony Iannizzoto

Rocky Point, NY

Ivan’s show was tailored great for our adult birthday party and left the crowd both amazed and red from laughing!

Ian L.

San Francisco, Ca

” The audience reaction was very positive . I’ll reach out to you in the late summer to talk about additional dates in Elmont theater.”

Robert O'Niell

Director, Broadhollow Theater Company

Record Breaking Long Island Performer Ivan Michael will WOW your Party Guests with Mind Boggling Sleight of Hand!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the show clean?
YES! We’re proud to say that absolutely NO ONE is embarrassed in any way.
How Far Will You Travel?

Every week I am primarily featured in New York City, Long Island, Westchester, New Jersey, and Connecticut, and am gracious to have become known as the premier entertainer in the TriState (&surrounding) area. However, I have been booked all over the country and in other countries as a virtual performer.

What Do You Wear When You Are Performing?

I dress classy and cool.

Do I Need To Provide You With Anything The Day Of The Show?

The show is completely self-contained. If I ask for anything, it will be for either a chair or a small table (T.V. tray) for certain routines. Of course, this and any other needs would be discussed before event!

What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. You may pay securely online using PayPal (NoteYou do not need a Paypal account to make a payment). If paying with check, please make check payable to “Ivan Stratienco”
What kind of room set up do you need for the stage show?

Typically having the stage setup against a wall having all of your guests seated in front and as close as possible (this helps provide a more intimate feeling). Guests that are seated directly to either side of the stage or behind, have TERRIBLE seats and therefore it’s best to avoid that. A space that can comfortably seat all of your guests without having them on the sides or behind the stage is best. Also watch out for those huge annoying beams right in the middle of some rooms. Please take into consideration your guests so they don’t get stuck behind one of them and miss out on the fun. See the example room diagram below.

Optionally, you can request “pipe and drape” for the stage which basically serves as the backdrop of the performance and gives it a nice feel.

What If I Need A Last Minute Entertainer?

I invite last-minute calls, even on the day of performance (sometimes other entertainers get sick, etc.) If I am available, I can help!

What size audiences can Ivan entertain?

Ivan’s entertainment is best suited for small to medium size crowds. Ivan entertains groups as intimate as 10 people all the way up to 500 guests in a ballroom. If you have a large group (200 or more), the use of projection screens makes the show even more enjoyable for your guests. Talk to your venue or contact a local audio/video company with questions to further explore that option.

Request availability, package and pricing info by clicking the button below or calling our Long Island office at 631-988-5996