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You want to leave your party guests with a little parting gift, a thank you for coming. A gift bag or giveaway of some sort!

1st thing to consider about giveaways during social distancing times – especially for a kids party is – is it okay with the parents for the kids to go home with something?

Ask permission from parents their kids can go home with a goody bag or giveaway.

Last thing you want is to send a kid home with a goody bag and for their parents to be upset that they potentially brought home some type of harmful germs!!

Also, re-consider piñatas and candy stations. Consider prebagged or pre-sealed candy instead!

When a piñata breaks all the kids gather around closely to pickup the candy and with candy stations all the kids handle the same jars and lids.

Speaking of giveaways I want to mention my magic workshop.

A lot of people that hire me to do my magic show invest in my magic workshop combo package

After my show the audience learns magic and they each get their own magical goody bag!

They become magicians!

Then, they perform on people at the party or at home later! I often hear the magic workshop is people’s favorite part and I hear about guests using their magic gifts long after the party is over.

So that is the tip: Consider you party giveaways! And my magic workshop with goody bags is a great option!