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If you are having a party, you want people to be Laughing!

Of course you want to be safe but also fun! Laughter is medicine for the soul! Laughter is also great for pictures.

Make sure your entertainer will make your guests laugh! I include comedy in my show. If you are hiring a comedian, laughter is already included! Magiciains ventriloquists, hypnotists and a lot of other entertainers include comedy.

Also a good DJ, kids clown or children’s entertainer is also a great way to get people to laugh!

People love to see these different performers but more importantly, people love seeing the reactions of their loved ones!

Here is a testimonial about laughter:

“Thank you for coming for my party. You did a great job with interacting with everyone and really keeping them entertained! The shrinking head illusion was awesome and everyone couldn’t stop talking about it! Thanks again for making the
celebration magical!”
Heather Scimeca Suriano
Long Island, NY

For this party I remember performing the head illusion and when when they saw my head change in size, everyone bursted into hysterical laughter!

Sometimes people freak out and scream! and sometimes people react with uncontrollable laughter -which is one of my favorite reactions for that illusion!

So that is the tip: Make sure your guests will laugh!