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When you are planning party remember THIS IS A PARTY!! We should be celebrating & having a great time!

Consider everyone that will be at your party. You want it to be fun for the people that are younger and the people that are older. A little bit goes a long way in order to make the experience FUN FOR EVERYONE. Think of the different age groups. Think of things you can do for the different groups that will make it enjoyable for all!

A magician is great! A good magician should be able to do magic for children and entertain the adults as well. There are a lot of other entertainers that do that. And there are a lot of entertainers that only cater to either adults or kids. The truth is though, You don’t even need to hire entertainment to make your party fun. A little goes a long way!

One of the things I think is crazy is when I arrive at a party and there is no music playing! Of course I have my music ready to go and that’s one of the benefits of hiring me – that I’m going to bring my professional sounds system and play bumping tunes while I’m there which sometimes is the whole party but sometimes its not!

I find it crazy when I’m at a party with a lot of people¬†in Long Island, New York or the tri-state area, and there’s no music to act as the soundtrack to the fun! The least you can do is have music playing for everyone.

When I’m at a party without music and I turn on my music, I notice the party always seems to pickup all of a sudden. The energy in the room seems to increase. The movement in the people at the party goes from stale and stagnant to more bumping and moving.

I also notice when I turn my music off, peoples energy turns off with the music!

Some people remember to have music and a surprising amount of people do not. So remember to have music throughout the whole party, with a variety of genres. It’s the least you can do to make sure people are having fun!

Speaking of people having fun this is a testimonial from someone that recently had me at their party in Queens, NY:

“Had a blast with Ivan at our party!! He provided entertainment, not just for the kids, but the adults as well. Amazing, perplexing, tricks…leaves you wanting more. Thanks Ivan for the memories you helped create…”
Donna Reinheimer
Queens, NY

We did a few things at Donna’s East Elmhurst, NY Party. We did a magic show, we made her son magically appear to kickoff the magic show, after the show we did a magic workshop which was capped off with mingling entertainment for the adults & with the kids showing their newly learned magic to everyone.

Make sure your event will be fun for everyone.

And that is the tip! Make the experience at the party FUN for the younger & the older people. Consider a performer that can appeal to different ages. Even music can make your party fun for all!