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It’s Important to have fun activities for your party that guests really enjoy. Now, there’s a lot options during social distancing times like these. For example, you could have a cell phone scavanger hunt! This is where, instead of picking the items up with their hands like in the regular scavanger hunt game, players go around taking pictures of what is called out. It’s a lot of fun!

Another socially distance friendly activity is something like a painting experience a cooking class or MAGIC workshop!

Imagine treating your party guests to learning some amazing secrets of Magic!

One of the highlights of my own magic show is when clients book my magic workshop combination package. Everyone gets to see simple magic, then they get to learn the secrets. Don’t be fooled by the fact that I said simple magic! These are some amazing tricks people will be able to peform minutes after learning the secrets. THEN they each recieve their very own magical GOODY BAG! AND THEN AFTER ALL THAT,You’ll be amazed at how everyone is running around showing their magic tricks off!

It’s really cool! As a matter of fact, here’s recent testimonial from client that had me do a magic workshop at her families communion:

“We had so much fun at my son’s communion party! I’m so happy that my friend told me about Amazing Ivan. All week long my friends have told me how their kids are still doing the awesome magic tricks they learned! My Son had such a great time, as did my daughter, my husband and I. Hopefully we’ll have another big event soon so we can have Ivan at that party as well! Thanks Ivan! for making his communion party a big hit!”
Stephanie Singer
Babylon, NY

So whether you book my magic show or my magic workshop or if you go in a totally different direction, I definately want you to have some socially distanced activities planned. That is really gonna make your party SPECTACULAR!

Activites that you want to try and avoid at times like these are things like piñatas, face painting or bouncy castles since they involve shared materials and shared space (in the case of the bouncy castle)

That is the tip: Make sure you have fun socially distance friendly activities planned for your party and for your guests to enjoy.