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The name of the game right now is social distancing. IF you can not have a party in a place with enough space, then you need to come up with a plan to still have your event while keeping everyone safe.

There are guidelines that every region should be following. Lookup your local guidelines for the recommended capacity.

Lookup your local areas recommended capacity guidelines. Make sure there will be plenty of space. Not just for your guests, but for tagalongs, and staff of venue and entertainment staff.

CONSIDER outdoors when possible. Being outside is safe because it reduces the spread of disease, so it’s highly recommended in social distancing times. IF you have a big enough yard, then having people in the back yard should not be a problem.
Depending how much space you have, you may want to consider having your party in the yard of a friend or friendly member.

If you are doing your party outside. Have a rain date- Just in case! Depending which entertainment company you’re working with, some entertainment companies include a rain date in their fee and some do not. So find out what the deal is.

Another alternative to worrying about the capacity and social distancing, or thoughts like “will there be enough space for everyone?”

Is you may want to consider having a virtual event.

This is where everyone gathers virtually on an app like Zoom and we celebrate together and fun THROUGH our screens!!
One of the benefits of having a virtual party with virtual entertainment, like my virtual magic show, is everyone gets a front row seat and everyone gets to party together while being safe at home.

Consider having a virtual party if you don’t have enough space to fit everyone while practicing social distancing.

That is the tip: Consider if your party will have enough space to practice social DISTANCING!