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You want your entertainment to set up early so that your party goes smoothly. If you are planning different activities for your party you want to make sure you are following a schedule. Making sure your performers arrive early to set up is crucial to keeping to your schedule. You can ask them, “what time are you arriving?”

I always arrive early to set up. Make sure the company you’re working with will be arriving early and that they tell you in writing!

Accidents and delays happen. I’ve even heard horror stories of performers not showing up at all. This is usually the result of poor business practices like skipping a booking or taking a higher paying job instead of one that was committed to first!

Make sure your performer will make it to your party by promising it in writing. (I’m talking about a written agreement or contract)

If you’re planning to have entertainment at a certain time and then there is no entertainment at that time, your guests are just going to be bored. They’re just gonna be sitting around waiting for something to happen. So, make sure your entertainment arrives early!

Here’s a note received from a client that was very happy with my early arrival time:

“Ivan did a great show. He came earlier to the sight to set up, and started well on time. To find a reliable Entertainer was most important for us (we didn’t want to disappoint the guests). He presented fantastic fun show. Everyone was very happy with the result. Very friendly nice person, made our guests feeling very happy.
Definitely recommended!!”
Miki Kenny
NYC Restaurant Owner

That is the tip: If possible make sure your entertainment will arrive early!